How to transfer from one computer to another

I am currently using a 2012 Dell laptop with windows 7. I’m using SketchUp Make 2017. I love it! I have everything set up on it, the quick keys and so on. Windows 7 is no longer being updated by MicroSoft, as you probably know. I bought a real nice Dell desktop and I would like to move the SketchUp Make 2017 along with all my quick keys etc from my old laptop to my new desktop. I searched YouTube but could not find anything that could help. I like the 2017 version and don’t care for the web based version. Since I’m currently unemployed I’d rather not have to pay for a yearly subscription. Any ideas?

Install a fresh copy of SketchUp 2017 Make from Make sure when you install it on the new machine that you do so correctly. That means right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator.

To get the old keyboard shortcuts go to Preferences>Shortcuts and click on Export… This will export a .dat file. Send that file to your new computer (memory stick or e-mail it to yourself or whatever) and go to Window>Preferences>Shortcuts on the new machine and click on Import… Select the .dat file and you should be on your way.

As for extensions, install them fresh from their sources. Don’t copy them over. You can copy custom materials, templates, components, and styles if you wish, though.

As long as you are not using Sketchup commercially, Sketchup 2017 Make sounds like the thing for you. It’s great for hobbyist use.

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