How to transfer a flat pattern onto a curved volume?

Hi, I made a simulated a hill with the top of a sphere. Later on,
I plan on making it look more irregular.
I would like to place the outer “lace-like,” pattern for landscaping onto the hill.
The hexagonal part of the building is standing I stand on the top of the hill that I will chop off to make horizontal.
I wanted a hill so the access roads will look more interesting in the final pic.
I don’t have or use all these fancy plugins.

I had an account here before but can’t get in anymore
Someone called Jim used to help me (maybe you know who you are)

I think that “Drape” tool of a “Sandbox” toolbar may help.

Enabling of a “Sandbox” toolbar

Hello Thank you very much for your advise
I have tried to apply the Sketchup #42: Sandbox Tools - Part 1 and 2
tutorial from this place
Here is the result I got
I started from a flat square 75k x75kmm and the center is up 3500mm and flat as wanted
but the sides are very steep and access and exit roads are out of their orginal width and shapes
where they climb the hill

How can I get a smoother slope and then later add some irregularities into it?
Thank you.

Hello I have relooked at the tutorials
and have changed the radius to 35000mm half the size of the total width
now the slope seems much better and more regular.

How to I make all the lines disappear now of the sandbox effect?

Use “Soften Edges” dialog in order to hide all edges:

Hello I sort have managed to do the smooving but I had to “create” a terrain that fits the building I started with garage entrance perpandicular to the side of the hexagone but that was wrong.
So now had to turn the entrance sidewards
BUT each time I make the terrain from my lines (be it one or two broken ones) the entrance of the carpark gets engulfed with “terrainm dirt, soil” I would like my terrain to remain flat infront of it so I can drape the road that will lead to the entrance and make an OPEN entrance to the carpark gates etc
What am I doing wrong with my lines I make sure they don’t touch the carpark entrance volume as not to make it part of the smooving .
Thank you very much

I think that “Stamp” tool is what you are looking for.
Result of this tool processing looks like so:

Alternatively you may turn on hidden geometry, double-click a group, which represents terrain, to start editing it manually (i.e. erase unwanted faces and edges using select tool and Del key, and add new faces and edges using for example line tool).

Hello I tried hard with stamp and drape of the road. I wonder if anyone could direct me to a youtube tutorial that explains the relationship between the “end” of a terrain line and the next one on the same height level?
How to keep it flat or say lower by (in my case 3.5m)
I did the stamp with 0.1m but still I get all sorts of shapes
My access road is flat to the carpark but the other after the Y up 3.5 m
so I devided the two roads to drape them separatly.
I also tried to make two separate similar terrains to pose against the carpark body
I also tried SMOVE to lower or elevate some area or add details cut everything seems to move with the changes . How to smoove along a give measuremane say 3.5m UP or down
and how can one measure the height of a terrain in different area but going to every point and measure

Thank you very much

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