How to specify tape measure unit type?

The guide for Scaling Your Model or Parts of Your Model states:

Tip: You can use imperial or metric units. SketchUp understands both. Just be sure to specify your desired unit if it’s not your template’s default unit of measurement.

It does not mention anywhere how that can be done.
I would like to be able to specify between imperial and metric measurements.

I think the tool would use whatever unit your file is set to.

That is what I am asking. Where and how do I configure my unit type for any file?
There is no file in any case as all I’m attempting to do is draw out a floorplan in centimeters and yet the tape measure is using feet and inches. There is no file.

when you choose a template, you can select metric or imperial…

you can change this choice in the side menu later if you want…

and when adding dimensions into the measurement box you can use other units as long as you type it in full…

e.g. draw a rectangle 133mm, 23cm


Hi John_very apt name
I haven’t chosen a template.
I don’t have a file.
I simply started to draw out a floor plan so I could digitally design my small garden. I have already taken real life measurements and wanted to apply them… but in centimeters.
Taking edge, if I click on it and view Entity Info I can see the length of the edge in imperial units but it is greyed out. There doesn’t appear to be any way to change that to metric.
The same applies if I draw out a rectangle, when I view Entity Info for ‘face’ the area in units is greyed out.

Found it!
For future reference, I needed Model Info in the righthand panel.
This really ought to have been mentioned in the tutorial o.O

for future reference…


For the avoidance of doubt…
If you are working in a model with say mm, and want to Scale a selected object in a certain direction to a fixed dimension you can type in the size with a unit-suffix, and the scaling then sets that dimension.
If you type in a numerical-value without a unit-suffix, then it’s taken as a scaling factor.
I use a . as the decimal-separator, although your locale might use a , ?
So using 1.2 makes the chosen dimension 1.2 times what it was - whatever it was.
BUT entering 1.2m or 120cm makes it 1200mm.
You can even mix metric and imperial values between the model’s units and scale values - so using 4’ or 48" with set that dimension to exactly that value [i.e. 1219.2mm]