Changing units in SketchUp Free

In the sketchup free version, can the units be changed from inches and feet to metric? I tried to load the German version but the units are still in inches and feet. I also looked through the help menu but the instructions as to what menus to search through did not match waht was available in the free version.

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Right hand side second bottom Icon.

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Thank you. That was very helpful and has accomplished the task. Also the speed at which I recieved the answer is impressive. The answer came in the time it took to get a sausage out of the kitchen.:slightly_smiling_face:

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There is also a search function, Top left:

SketchUp for Web has it’s own User Guide for the web interface:

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@Mike-D, do select the correct template (see post 3 by @mihai.s) prior to beginning your modeling project.
If for instance you start with ‘Feet and Inches’ and later in ‘Model Info’ you would change units to millimeters, for areas the text tool applied to a face still shows inches, as does the ‘Tape Measure’ tool and ‘Entity Info’.

The dimension units change as expected.

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