How to sign in on free extensions

Hi, a silly question I guess… :roll_eyes:

How to sign in on free extension in order to use the installed extension?, you cannot use the extension unless it is signed.

What extension are you referring to? Are you talking about an extension that shows as “unsigned” in the Extension Manager?

If that’s it, being signed or not has nothing to do with whether or not you can use it. As long as you have the loading permissions set to allow it to be loaded, you can use it. This signing is not something the user does. It’s a thing between the author and Trimble.

If it’s an old extension that hasn’t been kept up to date it might not function but that has nothing to do with it being signed or unsigned.

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Thx for the replies. SketchUp Pro 2021

Enero Face Creator
Select & Isolate.

I can use the Select & Isolate although it shows unsigned but the Face Creator does not show up at all.

I have been to the Loading Policies and confirm to allow all with no avail.


Have you restarted SketchUp after making changes to the loading policies?

Please correct your profile. Now it says 2020 Pro, not 2021 Pro.

I just installed Face Creator and it shows up in the Extensions menu.

I also installed Select and Isolate. It shows up in the Context menu when right clicking on a selection.

I have Anssi, still not working

My problem is that we received a scanned DAT file, opened in Max then exported to sketchup but it comes with so many faces each shape. After isolating the “flat” shape/group of faces) I created a line around the shape and want to create faces.

Perhaps there are other ways to create faces out of lines.

As there are so many faces the textures look weird because they follow the faces shape.

Thx Dave.

Yup, right click shows the isolate but not the Face Creator. I go to menu extensions & check Face Creator but nothing happens

Face Creator isn’t supposed to show up in the Context menu. It’s only supposed to show up in the Extensions menu

Do you have closed loops of coplanar edges before choosing Face Creator?

The sample after isolating one of the walls. Enscape to render. A museum to be rebuilt.

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