Problems loading extensions

I’m having problems getting extensions properly installed in my SketchUp (Mac OS). In extension manager it says that Signature Installation" is “Unsigned”. If this is the issue, where/how do I get it “signed”?

Which extensions are you trying to install?

Flowify and PathCopy

Forum search: Search results for 'Unsigned' - SketchUp Community

I have tried uninstall/reinstall the extensions and restart Sketchup. Also checkd that the box “Unrestricted” is ticket of. But I still have the same issue and the extension is “Unsigned”.

They will show as Unsigned because they haven’t gotten Trimble’s “stamp of approval”. It does not mean there’s a problem with theextension of its installation and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Just install the extensions and get to using them. At least those extensions are safe to use if you got them from a recognized source like Sketchucation.

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I’ve downloaded the extensions through Extension Warehouse.
The problem is I can’t get to use the extension its installed.
When trying to open Flowify in SketchUp I get this message; INPUT ERROR: Not enough Input
Any clue what this mean?

That doesn’t mean the extension is not installed. It means you aren’t setting your model up correctly. In fact, since you are getting that message, it’s proof the extenion is installed correctly

I would suggest you go to the Sketchucation Forum and look at the thread on Flowify and go through the instructional materials provided by the author.

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