How to show layout of each floors

Hi, I got archicad drawning into my sketchup. How do I get layout scene? I haven’t used layout program before. I have drew layout and 3D separately before but now I have the whole house. The house has three floors and exterior walls are same group from first floor to third floor so I cant hide floors separately. I should do interior design and lighting design and show it with layout to customer. Thanks!

Open that group for editing. Go to Camera/Parallel projection and choose a Standard View like front or side.

Window select round a whole floor’s worth, and make it a component.

Move a copy over to one side, and clean up any unneeded bits of geometry included by accident.

Repeat for each floor.

If you have to separate the outer walls, open them for editing, draw a large rectangle at the height of each floor, and select Intersect faces/With context then make separate components of each floor.

Or use a Section Cut for each level, if you just want to view separate floors, rather than make them separated geometry.

Save as a new file, in case you’ve accidentally deleted too much in one place, so you can go and get it back if you have.

See how that works.

And/or upload your SU model (the .skp file) to this forum, or if it’s too big, to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive etc, and provide a link here.

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