How to shorten one leg out of 4?

I just noticed, a bit late in the game i guess, that one of the 4 pillars in the playground is actually longer,

When i try to shorten it i do select but the problem is that all 4 get selected, and i just need to shorten one. I am thinking it may have to do something with ‘grouping’ but i am not seeing ‘ungroup’ option, or may be there is another way to make one leg/pillar shorter and keep the rest 3 same?
Thank you

If you made a component of the pillar, editing one will change the others. That also means they are the same. If you look at the tops of the two columns in your screen shot, the tops are at different heights. Maybe you don’t need to shorten that one. Maybe you need to make sure they are all the same height to begin with. If you really do need to change just one column, right click on the component and choose Make Unique. Then you can edit that one without affecting the others.

Yes, thank you, it works, now how do i make it part of the group ( meaning revert Make Unique) once i move it/allign it the way i need? If this makes sense…

You don’t revert the Make Unique now. You’ve changed that column so it no longer matches the others. Related instances of a component must always be identical. By shortening that one leg you made it different.

Got it, thanks!

If you want them to all be the same you can delete the “odd one” and copy one of the others over to replace it, then they will all be the same component again, making any further changes on one that will affect all 4.

Of course that undoes the changes he made to the one because it was too short so instead of fixing the problem, he recreates it.

My mistake then…as my understanding was that all columns are meant to be the same same size and one was inadvertently moved up into the canopy so it “appeared” shorter (as you pointed out). It could of simply been moved back down?, but now as it’s been made into a unique component and it wants to be the same component as the others, I thought the copy of one of the originals would be a solution?

Yes. It could have been moved down as I had originally suggested. Evidently that wasn’t what he wanted to do, though. I would have just positioned the legs so they were all on the same plane but maybe he has some reason for them to be different.

Yes, they were intended to be te same. I didn’t realize that the reason for one looking “longer” was due to the fact that is was positioned differently, in other words that other 3 were moved higher, until Dave pointed this out, i just didn’t look at their tops )
But, nevertheless, i think even if i would realize my mistake I would still have hard time moving one up or down without, as was suggested, Marking it Unique. If i got it right - marking it unique is the ONLY way to take an element out of a group, or ‘ungroup’ it. On the other hand, as another suggestion goes, deleting the wrong one and then copy the right one to substitute for the one which is gone seems like a solution which doesn’t require unique mark.
Thanks to all.

You would only needed to have used Make Unique to make the one 9or some) different from the others. The appropriate thing to have done in your case was to simply move the wrongly aligned components vertically so they all match. And better would have been to Move/Copy them on axis in the first place so you don’t need to make the correction at all. It comes with practice.

To “ungroup” or “uncomponent” is called “explode” It makes a group or component RAW geometry again.
“Make unique” makes a component into another component.
Groups are always unique.

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