How to send a 3d file to someone without sketchup

How do I send my 3D drawings via email to others who don’t have sketchup? They consist of about 6 views.

Your profile does not have your sketchup or system information filled out, so without knowing which version of sketchup you are using it’s going to be guesswork answering questions accurately for you.
I’m going to guess that you are using a desktop version, either Make or Pro, maybe Pro as this is posted under Pro? You asked about sharing a 3D file but also said that there are 6 “views”. You would only have preset “views” if you are sharing 2D images of your 3D file, so again I’m guessing you want to share 6 different pictures.

If you want to share pictures of your 3D model with someone over email you can go to File>Export>2D Graphic to take a snapshot of the current view in a few sharable 2D formats, pdf, jpg, png.

If in fact you have Pro, there are some 3D export options too and you can always upload to the warehouse for others to view within Sketchup Free

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Sketch up viewer is a pretty good way to view a model… They can view scenes you create , orbit, pan, measure, query, select layers but cannot edit nor markup…yet.


Thank you for the suggestion. Where can they find “Sketchup Viewer”?

…and you can also find the viewer for android on the “Play” store for android devices that are suitable.

Thanks so much. I sent the link to Worldwide Aircraft Recovery guys, I designed a T-28 stand for the entrance to Aviation Cadet Museum, Inc. and I wanted their input.

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Also available for iOS

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Thank you for your help. I have upgraded my info.