How to share 3D model files

Hello. I am new to Sketch Up. How do I share my 3D models with other users? They cannot open the DAE files I exported and sent. There must be a way. Many thanks for any help.

As with any other kind of file, your recipients must have some app capable of opening the type of file you sent them. To display SketchUp files they could use the free SketchUp viewer available here. There is also a mobile viewer for SketchUp. These allow display and printing of SketchUp files, but not creation or editing. To view a DAE file they need a Collada viewer, which has free versions available for both Windows and Mac - search the web.

on a mac they can be viewed with Preview and show in Finder…

Right! From the fact that they couldn’t view dae, I was assuming these users are on Windows.

The Collada export from SketchUp has changed over the years, and it could be that the other users are using an older version of SketchUp. If I’m right about that, and that they do have an old version of SketchUp, you could do a Save As to create a file that would work for them.

They are on a PC and I am Mac. I have forwarded this thread and hopefully it will help them open the drawings. I will report back with progress a bit later … and thank you.

you could upload it to the warehouse and give them the URL - the warehouse has a built-in (web enabled) 3D viewer.

That sounds useful. Is the warehouse part of SketchUp or a separate file-sharing platform?

It is somewhat both. It is accessible from within SketchUp but also as a standalone web site here SketchUp 3D warehouse. It requires a user to create an account using a Google signon.

I email clients and others a .skp file, and paste the following text into the email. Most of my clients are savvy enough to download the software, and they like the live models. If not, i make presentations in LayOut and export to .pdf and email that.

How to View Sketchup Models:
The attachment is a Sketchup (.skp) model file. You can download a free viewer to look at the model at: Download SketchUp | Free Trial of 3D Modeling Software
This will allow you to navigate around the model and print whatever you like, but not modify the model. You can click on the tabs at the top of the window for views already set up. Most print best in landscape orientation.
You can also download a free version of the Sketchup program called SketchUp Make at:
Download SketchUp | Free Trial of 3D Modeling Software that will allow you to manipulate and change the model. You do not need to download the Pro ($) version.
Try View/Animation/Play. This will display the pre-set scenes in a slide show style.
If this does not work, let me know and I will send PDF files.



I recently have a new sketchup account but I would like to import the components i often use in “my models”. Now I tried to open an old sketchup model to save the components one by one, the problem is sketchup can’t verify the author and therefore I can’t save the parts in “my models”.

Who can help me to import and save my old models into my new account?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: