How to see iPad design on Computer and Vice Versa?

I’ve been using the browser version for a while and recently bought an iPad Pro. After doing the Sketchup 30 day trial with the iPad I decided to purchase the subscription to SketchupGO, however when I login on the computer, I can’t see projects I’ve designed on the iPad. I should be able to jump between the computer and the iPad for a project, shouldn’t I? I believe I’m logged in with the same username and all that stuff, so I’m confused why I’m not seeing all my projects. Can somebody help me out? Thanks!


Depends on where you saved your files. If they are saved on the iPad you wouldn’t see them on your desktop. It also depends on how you signed in. Did you use the same e-mail address and password you used with SketchUp Free to purchase Go?

You do nice work. I guess it’s a good thing you went to SketchUp Go.

yeah, signed in with same email on both devices. When creating/saving a project on the iPad, I didn’t even see any option to specify where to save it to. Where do I find that? Additionally, if the projects I’ve made so far aren’t in that location can I move them there so I can see them on both devices? Thanks!


Files you create in SketchUp for iPad get saved locally into the Files on the iPad. To open files you saved while using SketchUp Free or SketchUp Go, you need to first download them to your iPad. See:

so, I was creating a model on the laptop in the web browser, and it would save and I’d see that on my iPad. BUT, when I created a model on the iPad, I wasn’t seeing it on the laptop web browser. Just now I went to a model on my iPad and clicked the 3 dots and selected “Publish To Connect”, then I selected which folder I wanted it in, saved and then voila! I’m now able to see my models in both places, and they seem to update pretty quickly if I make a change or add something to the design. I “think” I’m good to go now, haha! Thanks for the help!



One of the nice things with SketchUp for iPad is that the files are naturally saved internally so you can open them without a internet access. Same with SketchUp Pro. Incidentally you might decide one of these days that you could use the additional features of SketchUp Pro including LayOut. I create proposals for clients as well as shop drawings, full size patterns for templates, and other things that are useful in the shop with SketchUp and LayOut.

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