Projects from my Laptop (Windows) is not loading on my Ipad

When I load up my sketch up application on my ipad i see my starter builds on the home page. “SketchUp Logo.skp” and “Dance Center.skp” but when i click on the trimble connect tab i just get a loading symbol that never stops spinning. I click on “Projects” thats highlighted in blue up in the top left corner but then i get a message saying “Not able to make request to nil”. Any advice on how i can access my builds on my ipad?

I have the SketchUp Go plan

Do you want to open projects you’ve made on sketchup web on your iPad?

Yes I do. Would like to show homeowners on the go rather than sit down with my laptop

You can upload the file to Dropbox, google drive or any other platform and download it from your iPad then open it from the sketchup app.

Are you signed into SketchUp Go with the same account, and the same method of login (Trimble, Apple, Google)? PM me your account into and I can look it up.


I checked your accounts. If you’re signing in with the email that has a 48 in it, the Go subscription should work. If the email has 3213 in it (and if that is also your email), that one only has the Free entitlement.

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