How to scroll slowly without the zoom feature?

I want to make the scroll wheel a Little slower so I dont have to use the zoom command because I hove lot of objects that are far from each other and its hard to focus the camera on them when I want to get nearer.
for example, in the second video: The reason I need the scroll down to be slower is because Iam trying to connect those lines and when I do the zoom I loose the line… Please may some good soul help me?

You could try the walk tool, it moves the camera forward at a fixed speed that you can augment/reduce by moving your mouse.

Save a scene of the closeup geometry.
Then start your drawing operation > select closeup scene > finish the drawing operation.
I can’t replicate your issue though.

You must know by now that zoom and orbit speed is relative to what your mouse cursor is pointing at. Pointing at empty space/infinity leaves nearby objects fast behind. Pointing at a face or edge zooms relative to that .

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