Fast forward scroll through objects

It feels like I have missed a simple trick.

When scrolling through an object, like a wall, and the scrolling slows way down, it seems like there should be a key I could hold down and I could scroll through it at the same speed I scroll everywhere else. I know there is an extension to jump through walls but is there a cool trick to speed through walls rather than rolling multiple times to get through objects?

you’re not missing anything, this is native behavour…
FWIW, what you call “scrolling” is actually called “zooming”
Zooming in is “distance sensitive”, the closer you get to an object the slower the zooming. This is on purpose so you can zoom in on details without “flying” through objects all the time.

Thanks - That makes sense. I can see how Sketchup needs to act that way. I installed the Curic Zoom Through extension and assigned the Z as a shortcut and that pretty much fixed my problem.

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