How to script break-down of a cabinet into dimensioned parts?

How to script break down a cabinet into dimensioned parts?

The parts would be listed in a spreadsheet in Layout with the LxHxW listed from the object.

Much appreciated!
sample.skp (74.3 KB)

What do you mean by “script break down…”

When I need to create a plan for a project, I use the Cutlist extension. This is the result from your model.

And I set out copies of the components as needed for dimensioned views in LayOut. For example this is the scene for case parts for a wall cabinet project.

And a couple of pages from the plan in LayOut. I’ve turned off layers for dimnensions and labels.

There are also scenes to show exploded and detail views.

If you are expecting some automatic way to do this sort of thing, I don’t know of anything that is smart enough or capable of creating the views exactly as they are needed. The porcess I use is simple and easy and takes little time.

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I wanted to get the data on a spreadsheet and I will download the extension Cutlist.


The CutList extension I use will export a CSV file which you can open as a spreadsheet. I usually find there’s much more info than I need. I also tend to rearrange lines to sort the components in a logical fashion.
Screenshot - 10_5_2022 , 3_22_13 PM