Explode a model for 2d layout dimensioning by part

I created a model in sketchup I plan on building in the shop.
I need a picture catalogue of the parts, each with relative size to each other, that I can orient them in any (2D) fashion (rotate, move up, down, left, right flip/mirror).
These parts include OSB sheets, several 2x4’s, 2x6’s, and 1x2’s, and various others.
Each part needs to be cut to various angles and dimensions depending on the application. I need each of these parts to be relative in size to each other. This will help when I cut a store bought OSB sheet to pieces. I would like to be able to arrange the 2d “pieces” of OSB from my model, on top of a “full size” sheet of OSB, to determine the least wasteful, way of cutting the sheet.
I would like to see a 2d list of each of these parts on layout.

Will layout do this?
how can I do this using Layout?

Please let me know how, or where, I can improve my clarity to benefit your answer.

Thank you much,

LayOut can help you but you will need to arrange the parts and make appropriate scenes with the camera set to Parallel Projection. I do this sort of thing frequently for furniture and other pieces I model. Every part I’d make in the shop is a component (not a group) and after making the assembled version of the project, the entire model gets copied to one side to make the needed exploded views. I also make copies to use for the 2D views as needed. After I create the appropriate scenes showing the views I want, I make the plan in LayOut. There I add dimensions, labels and other notes as well as a cutlist using the CutList extension from the 3D Warehouse.

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