How to scale windows and multiply mullions

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I’m curious if anyone has experience scaling windows that add mullions as the the window scale.
Example: I have a 24" X 42" 6 over 6 lite window. As I scale the window I want the function to add mullions once the lite gets to a certain size. I feel like this is possible, but it would include a lot of IF factors that I’m not sure the program can handle. Any advice would be helpful.


It should be possible. You’d probably have to hide the mullion component in narrower windows. You won’t know if the program can handle it until you try but I don’t see why not.

What is a “lite” window?

Thanks for your reply! I’ll see if I can create a function that allows an IF/ WHEN factor. Lite refers to the window pane. So a 6 over 6 lite window would be your typical double hung style window.

Rather than repeat the mullions/bars, this DC is built using cutting operations and copying the cuts

access via the warehouse symbol

When I tried this last only the first copy would cut. Glad if it has been fixed - I’ll have to dig out my previous effort and make tests.

there is a "secret method"

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