Scaling a frame without distortion

Normally, when you scale a frame, some elements get distorted. if you dive in and don’t select the mullions, however…

Anyone has a glue?


scalingwindows.skp (120,9 KB)

As you see in your gif, the Scale tool changes all dimensions in proportion, in the direction of scaling. So as the windows get wider, the uprights get wider too.

If the window geometry is loose inside a component, you can use the Move tool selectively to enlarge the openings without changing the frame size. Or scale, edit using PushPull or Move any individual elements if each is a component.

Or you can make a Dynamic Component (there are several in the 3D Warehouse) to do the work for you.

If you want to ‘roll your own’ window frames as DCs, @TheOnlyAaron has a tutorial on YouTube, which I’ve seen but can’t locate quickly.

In essence you need to have separate components for the frame corners, uprights, and horizontals, and specify the size and location of each via component Attributes, and drive them from the Component Options user interface. Moderately straightforward once you get the hang of DCs in general.

Maybe it was not clear from the .gif, I uploaded the .mov as well.
Yes, if you scale the outer wrapper, it does as you say. In the second part, I am scaling within the context, so the uprights don’t distort, and do get evenly distributed…

Did not use Move or PP or DC…

You are using the glue to properties of the components.
Your sill is raw geometry so the uprights are gluing to it and moving with it.

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Was it to easy? Anyways, I was exploring those properties for design purposes

Oh, sorry, was it a quiz? I thought you wanted to know why. I can delete my post and let others try to work it out.

Nah, there are still some caveats.