How to retrieve corrupted file

I was about to finish my project today and somehow in the middle sketchup stopped responding and I closed it without waiting. when I accessed my file again it give me error message of bugsplat.

is there any way I can retrieve my sketchup file ??

thank you

Have you got a “”.skb file in the same folder as your corrupted file ?
If so, rename the .skb to .skp & try opening that…

thanks a million thank you thank you it worked :grinning:

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while you’re at it,

from time to time, make a copy of your file. maybe every week after you see your professor. or later, your client.
you don’t have to keep them all, but having your own backup helps you to not loose everything if your file ends up corrupted one day.

exactly the same thought crossed my mind, I will keep a second backup every time I close program. I might need it any time. making project from scratch was giving me headache !!!

thanks for the suggestion.

Make sure you are saving the file on your internal drive and also publish it to your Trimble Connect storage periodically. That will give you additional backups and incremental versions so you can always go back to an earlier version if needed.


Made account on Trimble Connect as well, I was unware of this facility. thanks for increasing my knowledge.