Recovering data from a corrupted file

Hi, I had a hard drive failure and managed to partially recover my model, and one backup of the model.
Both files seem to be corrupted, but the filesize of both of them are roughly correct, leading me to believe that there’s possibly still good data in there.
Sketchup doesn’t recognize the main file, but it does recognize the backup file. The backup file can be opened with SketchUp, but crashes on loading. If I create a new project, and try to import the model, it gives the error “Cannot create a recursively defined model or component!”. This backup file also generates an accurate preview of the model, further suggesting that the model may be recoverable.

It seems that .skb files are propritary binaries, is there any way for me to decompile them? If not, is there someone from Trimble that would be willing to try? If SketchUp can generate an accurate thumbnail, the corruption is likely in the header data, which likely could be easily replaced with the header of a blank model, could it not?

Attached is my model, the backup of the model, and the crash report from bugsplat. (264.7 KB)


The Trimble team can sometimes recover portions of a file, but there are no guarantees. Reverse engineering the binary format is prohibited by the license. The thumbnail is an embedded image, so having it doesn’t indicate that the geometry isn’t damaged.

I am sometimes able to at least recover components, but that failed for your file. I sent it to a colleague who has had more success in some cases, but don’t be too hopeful.

‘skb’ is just a renamed ‘skp’ Your first attempt could have been to rename the file to be .skp. I tried that, and in this case it didn’t work.

The other thing to try is to look in the autosave folder. For SketchUp 2015 that would have made a file name AutoSave_arena 1.skp, and it would be in your documents folder.

Yeah, these two files were all i was able to recover off the damaged drive, no autosaves. I appreciate that you guys are making an effort to help, though.