How to resize / scale new document to accommodate larger objects


I’m trying to create an object that is 28’ in length. I create the first line and it flies off the paper. How do I scale everything so it fits on the default workspace?


You are working on a sheet of paper that is at best a few feet wide.
You model larger objects within SketchUp and attach a view.scene-tab of that in a ‘viewport’…

Perhaps you need to backtrack a little and learn up on how to use SketchUp AND Layout in tandem…


You are trying to draw a line in “paper space” onto a sheet of paper at most 3’ wide (depending on which template you started with). A 28’ line won’t fit on a 3’ piece of paper. Check out the available tutorials and construct your object in SketchUp. Then you can insert into Layout at the proper scale to fit the paper. Hope this helps. Also, check out the tutorials on the definition of “paper space” and “model space.” Once you do, what we are saying will become clear.