How to Resize only the Height of Chicken Coop Design

Hello everybody!

I am trying to resize the height of this chicken coop to meet my requirements. I am not looking to rescale the entire coop. Rather, I just need to bring the height down to 6’0" from the ground to the highest point to meet my city by-law requirements. Currently, this is standing just over 7’0" tall, and that is a problem for me that needs fixing.

I will stand by if I need to clarify anything. I am planning to purchase materials ASAP for this project, and any help I can get here will be so appreciated. I cannot include the files here due to there being a copyright.

Thank you in advance!


These drawings have a copyright on them…

You are right. I should remove them with the copyright being there. Thank you very much for letting me know this.

Where did you get the SketchUp file? You should go back to the owner of the file and ask them to resize it for you.

I got the file from someone who designed the chicken coop. I just asked them right now if they know how to adjust the height from their end. I wanted to ask the community here as well if they knew anything about this. I hope something can be done…

The designer should be able to make the adjustment for you. I’d offer to do it except for two things. They went to the trouble of adding a copyright to it. Due to the inefficient way it was modeled, I wouldn’t do it for free.

I really appreciate your insight here. So, if it will be hard for you to do it, then I can only imagine how hard it would be for me to do it.

The copyright part is challenging. Since I cannot share it, we don’t really have anything to work with. The worst part is that I don’t want to simply scale the whole unit down. If I did scale it all down, then that would bring the length and width down as well, which is not my intention.

This is sad… :frowning:

Not hard, just time consuming.

I guess. But they should be able to do it for you.

I havent seen the file, but… I’ve seen chicken coops.

I suppose you have vertical wooden pieces, and horizontal pieces and…

If you need it to be 1 foot shorter, can’t you just use the current dimensions and simply remove one foot to every vertical piece ? I’m not talking 3d modelling but purely math, if the vertical parts are 7’ on one side and 6’ on the other, then cut them at 6 and 5 ?
since all you need is measurement to buy your lumber

That’s true. I have reached out to them, and I will see what I can find. Your insights have been very helpful to me. Thank you so much, Dave.

Yes, there are wooden vertical pieces. I like to be able to visualize everything and have everything laid out. I find it’s just easier to work this way.

Do you mean to mentally just subtract one piece from each piece and then measure how much wood I will need? Or do you mean within SketchUp to make each vertical piece one foot shorter? If you mean within SketchUp, would that be done using the Tape Measure tool?

I mean mentally, not in 3d :

Here, I went to the 3d warehouse and got myself a chicken coop.

Now, as of now, this vertical part is 2,171m
I would like for it to be 27cm shorter.
so I’ll plan to buy and cut it at 1,9m
The 3d is still too tall, but my cutlist isn’t.

if it helps, you can double click on the dimension and type whatever you need it to be. it won’t resize your model, but at least when you check on it during assembly, you’ll see your measurement.

I’m proposing this because all you need is to know how much wood you have to buy. And from what Dave said, the file isn’t modelled in a very “easy to modify” way.

I understand what you are proposing here. It makes sense.

I do appreciate the time and energy you put into gathering these images and dimensions for me. Many thanks too you for this!

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