How to resize a ready 3D model's "panel thickness"


Hi everyone. I am new here.

I wonder how to resize a panel thickness in a 3D model.

For example this cabinet:

Panel thickness is 19 mm in every panel. I want to resize it and make all panel thickness 18mm in this model.

I use tape measure tool and tried to resize one thickness but it did not effect neither that piece nor other ones.

What is the way? Thanks.


Open each component for editing in turn and use Push/Pull to change the thickness of the part as desired. You’ll need to drill down through the nesting. Easiest way would be to use the Outliner. Double click on the name of the component you want to edit.


since this is a dynamic component, i changed options and exposed the board thickness

amended cupboard, dynamic thickness.skp (161.7 KB)


what Dave said is true for normal groups and components, so if you don’t want the dynamic functions you would need to explode and regroup or make component the parts before editing as the existing formulas will influence the outcome


I suggested the method I did because there’s no indication the OP is using SketchUp Pro and so I wasn’t sure he could edit the DC as you did.

@bunyaminmd, the method I suggested works in both Pro and Make.


Thank you all. Is there a manuel to learn how to change components to dynamic? I mean how @pcmoor made this change.


It’s probably best to start here.


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