Dynamic components from 3D Warehouse not resizing correctly

I have been using SketchData dynamic cabinets for years in Sketchup Pro 2017 with no problems. Now, when I try to resize a cabinet in Sketchup Pro 2020, the cabinet carcass resizes, but the drawer boxes don’t. Also, the same problems arise with wall cabinets. They don’t resize correctly. Here is a screen shot of a 21" base cabinet I resized to 15" using the dynamic components option window.

Is this cabinet from the Warehouse or downloaded from the SketchData website? The warehouse cabinets are a V1 catalog, there is a V2 catalog on the SketchData website, but they have more features and need the SketchData Toolbar extension (free) installed. The problem in the picture is common with
V2 cabinets when the SketchData Toolbar extension isn’t installed.



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