How to reset SK settings to default

I am a SK newbie for construction/interior design with an engineer background.

I started the tutorial (free trial) and realized that the set-up steps required - around tools - are not in synch with the app I received. It is a mess and I am looking to restart anew.

I uninstall the app and redownload a fresh version but the messy setting is still there.
What do you suggest?


What do you mean by “not in synch with the app”? Maybe show us a screen shot of what you are seeing and what you expect to see.

For lack of more info from the OP, I’m going to guess. I suspect that the toolbars don’t match what the OP had earlier or perhaps saw in some tutorial. If that’s the case, try these things:

  • Preferences->workspace->reset workspace
  • View->Toolbars-> check or uncheck to determine which are shown
  • Drag the toolbars to where you want them

If you are using the web version (in that case correct your profile) the modelling functions are the same but the menus, toolbars etc. don’t match the desktop version that most tutorials have been made in.

My guess, too. Could also be as simple as the tutorial was done on Mac and the OP has Windows.

More information is needed.

Thanks you very much to all of you for your answers: Fast and clear.
I have been able to reset the tools bar. Still other tips to apply.