How to reset scale on multiple component?

In my project there is a component that I modified with the scale tool. Then duplicated in multiple locations (215 instances)
Now that everything is in place, I realize that I would like to reset the scale of this component.
Sketchup allows you to do this on one copy only.
How to proceed to do it on 215 copies simultaneously?

Your help is welcome

With s4u ScaleTool


Thank you Mihai.s

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It would be very helpful if SU allowed you to ‘Reset Scale’ on multiple component copies - perhaps added as a context menu option within the ‘In-Model’ collection of the ‘Components’ window.

You could then open that window, navigate to your component, ‘Select Instances’, Reset Scale’, Done!

Equally useful could be to add ‘Reload…’ in a similar way so that you could replaced all instances (scaled and/or unscaled) with the properly scaled component.

The insane proliferation of extensions required in advanced workflows to get basic stuff done is one of SU’s ongoing weaknesses. (not to say that the s4u Scale Tools isn’t a good and useful one!)

With a little bit of forethought, one might open the component for editing and scale the geometry before copying. Then if the need to scale the component back down, opening one instance and scaling the geometry would result in all copies getting scaled, too.

That’s what I usually do — open the component, group the raw geometry, scale the internal group and close the component. I leave the group in place for future scaling tweaks and also for applying materials across instances (that don’t need to be applied directly to faces).

Still, I think the ability to reset scale and reload across multiple instances could be useful across several scenarios.