Reset texture scale on multiple groups/components

Hi all,

I’m really, really hoping there is a plugin for this as it’d save me a lot of time…

Basically I’ve imported a huge model from Revit into Sketchup and I’d estimate around 30-40% of the texture maps are the wrong scale (obviously something in the conversion process as they’re all set to 25.4m) despite the model being at the correct scale. I imported via Simlab Soft exporter.

The current laborious workflow is to explode the various groups and components and apply a new material en masse. This is fine for objects that have no intersections, but for those that are intersecting it’s not an option (takes forever to explode, joins the objects into one unmanageable mess).

I was wondering if there’s a plugin that would allow me to select multiple groups/components and right click/reset texture scale, or similar?

Many thanks all.

Tig has a Descaler, I don’t remember if it will descale multiple components in one go.

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Gave it a try; good idea but sadly doesn’t work because the actual mesh/groups haven’t been scaled - only the textures have.

Entering the desired texture size in the Material inspector might work.