How to reorient the texture of a material in Pro

I was previously using the Sketchup Web version and was able to right-click on a face to select “Texture” and then move the green placeholder to reorient the direction of the woodgrain. However, I’m using Pro now and I seem to have lost this function. Can anyone help? THANKS!

The feature works the same way in SketchUp Pro. Two possible problems. Either you applied the material to a group or component container instead of to the faces inside or the surface you are right clicking on is made of more than one face. As in the web-based version, the texture position option is only available when the material is applied to faces and when you right click on a single face.

This is in 2020.

Actually, I think I may have a clue to this problem…
I’m applying the texture to a CYLINDER (round) surface rather than a flat plane. Would that limit my ability to reorient the direction of the material’s texture?

A cylinder’s side is made of multiple faces. If you turn on hidden geometry you can right click on a single face and orient the texture. After that you can sample the reoriented texture and apply it to the rest of the faces.