How to render a metal mesh on Sketchup?


is there is any specific plugin to render a metal mesh in the quality of the attached reference picture?

please advise me

this is the type of building skin I wish to render …

You just need to use one of the many renderers out there. You can’t create that look directly in the SketchUp window.

I realize… I’ve been trying with SU Podium, I render, and V-ray…
does anybody here expert enough with renderings plugins who can give an advise? where can I ask this question??

I don’t use any of the three you listed but I expect someone will come along who might give you ideas. It appears that what you really want is to know how to set up a renderer to render metal. Probably the best thing to do is decide on a rendering program and go to their forum to ask. You’ll get a huge majority of folks who use the program and can tell you how to get what you want.

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Have you tried with a texture with alpha channel?

Basically you will need a texture that renders the holes in your mesh as transparent. The way different rendering applications achieve this varies. Some can use a PNG texture with “holes”, some a TIFF file with an alpha channel, and others can use any image as a transparency map with an user-defined colour or black rendering as transparent.


One example for this with Thea…

I have had a lot of success by creating a material map in photoshop as a .png. This allows for the transparent parts that are needed. The material will need to be mapped to both sides of the face as well as on both surfaces for the materials thickness, this is important for the quality of rendering, though may be a quirk in Twilight, I have not used the three rendering engines you have used.
I render in the Twilight plugin and have had a lot of success with the metal finishes I have been looking for.