How to remove the redundant arrow from the line of a label?

When I try to add arrow to the line of a label through ‘shape style’ it appears two arrows and I found that the line becomes two separate part as shown below. I’ve made a group for that but didn’t work at all. I just wanna keep one arrow on one line at the start. By the way the model which was imported comes from AutoCAD.

Hi Robert, in the event that the Acad leaders were exploded they would could come in as two separate entities. Just use the Join tool (the glue can) to join the two lines.


Thank you so much Trent! I’ve glued the two part together and then I use ‘style’ to transmit it to all other labels, no response. Please can you help me with this new problem?



Would you mind emailing me the dwg? I will see what I can come up with.

The style sampling doesn’t glue the segments together. You would need to glue them, first.

Yes, Dave is right… I see what is going on… You will have to glue each broken segment first.

Also, the border around the text is a result of applying the style to a group, in this case the label and the label text. To avoid this, double click on the group to enter, then sample the style you want to use and apply it only to the labels and not the text.

To remove the boundary around the text, (still inside the group) select one text box, then navigate to you Shape Style inspector and uncheck Stroke.

You can then sample the Style (still inside the group) of the edited text box and apply it to all your other text boxes.


Alright Dave, thank you for the advice. Have a nice day!

@Robert89 Just to clarify, those leader lines came in from the imported file, they weren’t added in Layout, right? I just want to make sure I understand. I’m curious what they looked like when freshly imported?

Good morning Katya, when the drawings are firstly imported to Layout it just looks like its original shape, which is, a model marked by some labels. As shown below.

Okay, I just wanted to make sure that the leader lines were coming in broken from CAD, not being made that way somehow in Layout. If the model wasn’t coming in with the leader lines, and they were being made in Layout, then there might be another answer. Thanks!

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