How to remove the Follow me profile shape

I am trying to delete the leftover curve that I used with the follow me. Why does it delete a portion of the surface created? How can I do this without losing the surface?

Please see the model linked

Use the Eraser + Ctrl.

Smooth and Soften

Basics of SketchUp at

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Or place/create your path away from the profile before followme

will you be able tell what you did? I am able to see the Soften edges enabled if I select the curve.

tried with the circle placed outside the profile. don’t seem to make a difference?

When the path is outside of the follow-me result you can easily delete it without deleting faces of the result…
Edit: sorry, I thought you meant the path, not the profile itself…

Start with the path and the profile being in different contexts. That way the ‘Follow Me’ result will eventually also be in a different context from the path.

  • select path
  • select ‘Follow Me’
  • enter profile group for editing
  • click on profile to extrude

Path and profile are in different contexts (left in attached image)
Result of extrusion is shown in the middle in image
Extrusion and path (right side in image) are still in different contexts


to simplify my query (for my understanding), In the linked model file I placed the area highlighted in red and the circular path for the follow-me. After I do the follow-me, I want to remove the remnants of this area section without losing the generated part. I realize that shape generated is based on the segments of the circle. The circle now has all the segments connected. The circle becomes segmented. This is a step that I don’t do and appears in the Edit>undo. Check validity Ctrl+Y.

Now you lost me…

There are various things you need to understand.
GIF 20-01-2024 2-38-01 AM


This is a good example of why you need to learn how to use the tools correctly. With the proper setup for Follow Me there will be nothing to remove.

The first thing Box points out is that you have given a tag to edges and faces in the model which you should’t have.


I only tagged them to hide away the earlier done object. Tagged the new with a tag for enabling visibility. Will this affect the follow-me?

One or both of the below could be the reason why the area edge does not show up after the follow me.

  1. weld all of the path and the cross section area.
  2. not applying a tag

This is what makes learning difficult. One needs to trial and error the method that works.

The rest of the section area had to be deleted and needed area welded with the path. I don’t get logic why the method is so. Also I think Weld is not a native function in Sketchup.

No, it won’t…

When I try there is a validation check that keeps knocking it down.

Even after I do the Alt>Backspace, it again does it on its own.

I want to copy place the cylinder in a circular array. how do I find the centre and how can I create the solid operation Trim to create the array holes in the first solid?

Is that the same profile you shared earlier? I don’t get any validation errors when I run Follow Me on it. Try exploding the curve around the edge of the profile.

Why don’t you start by drawing the circular path centered on the origin? Then you’ll have an easy to identify center point to help in arraying the pegs around the ring.

I also use Eneroth Auto Weld because it leaves the circles as circles after Follow Me. So then it’s easy to identify the center with inferencing.


I deleted everything on the file and started from scratch from the origin. There was a crash again, that I reported.

About the cutting holes with multiple solid objects (copy array). I was trying to follow Justin’s Video :
I managed to group all the pegs and then explode each of the pegs within the group using the outliner. Having been able to do this, I coloured the object in celebration.

This is a steep learning curve.
I also remember the work around to find the centre by drawing lines from the centre of opposite segments of the circle, from this forum. Probably in such instances one needs to plan and leave the centre marked before a follow me runs.

In recent and some not so recent versions of SU, you can find a circle or arc centre by two native methods.

Right click on the vertex of a circle or circular arc and the centre will be highlight as an inference point. When in almost any tool, move the mouse/tool cursor over the centre which will reappear as a target inference point.

Or R-click on a circle or arc vertex and choose Find Centre (Center) from the context menu.

And if your circle or arc gets exploded (e.g., after using FollowMe) Chris Fulmer has an extension on Extension Warehouse called Arc Centerpoint finder which can place a centre point after you select any two segments of the exploded arc.

In SketchUcation Extension/Plugin Store there’s another extension Lines to Arc which will turn the exploded segments back into an arc or circle.


Thank you john_mcclenahan. I will try to see.