How to remove the 2 grey large lines on my screen?

it seems installed… But then, I dont see it in the “Extensions” menu - see screenshots

yes, but it does need TT’s Library as well, did you instal it?

if so it lives
View » Toolbars » V-Ray Tools²
Plugins » V-Ray Tools²
Face with Material » V-Ray Tools²

Hi everyone !

Thanks to the plugin TT’s Library and the V-Ray Tools extension, my issue is now RESOLVED ! I have change the ratio settings to 0:0.

MANY THANKS to the community and for your patience !

Murielle :smile:

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I ran into this problem in Sketchup Pro 2016.

Tools>Advanced Camera Tools>Reset Camera got rid of the gray bars.


I just ran into this same issue with Sketchup Make 2017 (17.2.2555), and by clicking on “Resets the camera aspect ratio” button, the grey bars on my canvas disappeared immediately. The grey sidebars were present in every scene, so the reset action had to be performed repeatedly for each scene. Thank you for this post and solution!

Easy. Just turn off the “Safe Frame” in your V-ray settings:
Extensions - V-ray - Asset Editor - Settings - Render Output - Dimensions - Safe Frame.

that is very easy MATTER.

TAKE v-ray render option from Extension menu

in that click Asset Editor

next select Gear icon for settings and click on Render output

and change the Ratio of the frame as “match view port”

that grey lines will go and the frame will set.


I have the same issue with the grey lines. Unfortunatelly I don’T know how/where to manage these setups.
This is all I can see in my Extention manager. Would you please help?

Try Tools>Advanced Camera Tools>Reset Camera.

Thanyk you Dave, I dont have Advanced Camera Tools under tools.
Pls see:

You should since it shows that it is enabled. What version of SketchUp are you using?

This is what I see in SU2018 Pro on Mac with Advanced Camera Tools at the bottom of the menu.

2018 Pro. Trial.
Just donwloaded a few days ago.
Last year I think I used some free version cause I am not a pro just trying to design a shape for my home…
Do you know if I can downgrade to a free version?

You can install SketchUp 2017 Make, still.

I enabled advanced camera toll again (I disabled after I made the rintscreen) and SUCCESFULLY did ehat you recommended. NO MORE GREY LINES! Thanx.
Do you know a link about the specifications and differences beetween the pro and free version?

Basically Pro adds Solid Tools, a variety of import and export file types, LayOut and some other features. And iportantly, it adds a license to use it commercially.

What do you plan to do with what you are drawing for your home? If you need to make something like construction or permitting documents, you would find LayOut to be very useful.

Hi Dave, the system told me to turn to personal message cause I just reply to you.
I hope you dont mind.

Do you know if SketchUp 2017 is free? Cause the free option I find is only a webbrowser based thing.
I am not a professional who makes money with the app so I’d like to find some free opportunity.

Well, you just posted in the same forum thread anyway. No matter. You can get SketchUp 2017 Make here.

I dont find how to send private message. Sorry.
Sketchup 2017 is also Pro. Are you sure it is free?


I am just too tired. Done for today. THANX.
Besides Flicker where can I check your designs?