How to Recover a File After selecting 'No, I do not want to open the recovered version'

I am having trouble explaining this, but I will try…

A few weeks ago, I started a file. I may or may not have saved the most recent version. When I opened it, I was prompted with the dialog box that said something like, “This file has been modified since last saved. Would you like to open the newest modified version?”

I accidentally selected the ‘no’ option, which then opened up a blank file. Now, I cannot figure out how to recover the previous version with all my work! Someone please help.

If it helps, I have Sketchup Pro 2022 - MacOS.

I’m not familiar with that message inside of SketchUp - I’ve only ever seen that kind of thing in Microsoft and Adobe products.

The closest thing I can think of to that is the recovery file that is created if SketchUp crashes , that gives you the option to open it, if you click no it gives you the choice to delete it.
If you choose not to delete it, you have to open it.

Beyond your working SketchUp file, there is always a backup file created which is the previous save you made to the file - this is the file with the ~ in the title.
You could open that one.

If you are on a Mac and have time machine enabled, you could also roll back the file within the OS and retrieve it that way.