How to quickly create Beadboard Wainscoting

I have been quickly creating baseboards and crown molding with the “Follow Me” tool. This unfortunately won’t work for Beadboard Wainscoting due to the “bumps” in the beadboard. Is there another way for me to quickly create Beadboard Wainscoting?

There are different ways of doing it, the fastest one for me would ge using profile builder creating an assembly, but personally I would use a texture instead of adding more geometry to the model.

I plan to use v-ray to render. Should I be leveraging bump mapping to help create those beadboard “bumps” if I were to use textures?

Apologies if my terminology is incorrect as I’m still learning Sketchup.

Of course, it will make more realistic without having to load the model with geometry, you can create your own textures with the different maps using any image manipulation software, I use Gimp to create my own textures, if you don’t know how to do it, there’s a free program called materialize where you can create all the maps out of plane image.

Great, thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

Just find a good clean image of bead board, preferably with (no color) so it’s easy to edit the color later.
Run the photo through a Texture Generator program and import the image onto a face to get it into your model.
The image can be edited for size, texture scale, orientation, angle, etc. (right click on the texture and select Texture from the context menu to get to the editing functions.
Once in your model it can be sampled and used elsewhere and it shows up in the “In model” materials.
Materializer sounds like a possibility to create a TILEABLE texture from a photo.
There are lots of texture sites that are free to browse and download TILEABLE IMAGE TEXTURES

Ty for the advice