How to put an Image in the shape

Usually, I make elaborate shapes(outline) in CAD, then load them into Sketchup, give them thickness, and then combine them. (It’s part of my artwork)
What I want to add here is to put an photography image in the shape created in CAD.
What I tried was to bring the CAD shape into the Adobe Illustration, put a clipping mask on it, and then load it in sketchup, but this didn’t work.
Are there any good ways or tips for overlaying an image on a shape?

-The shape of the outline of a figure is not a basic shape such as a square, a triangle, or a circle, but has a slightly more complex line.
-The image I want to put in the figure is closer to a photographic image, not a material or texture image.

What shape? Please upload the .skp file.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says 2020 Make which is impossible.

Create a new material and use your photo as texture in it, Use this material for the face you need, Also you can make square in SU and after filling by material you can edit shape in SU. This way is faster and easier.