Adding Custom Shape



Brand new to SketchUp here, how do you add custom images/ shapes? I’m trying to make something for 3D printing with various insignia found in the link below made to the correct size. Can I upload these as a certain file type and use push/pull and dimensions to set the depth/ length, etc or something? Thank you for any help!
Insignia Devices


An image is 2D. You can import an image into SketchUp and scale it to the required size, but it will still be 2D and will still be an image, not a geometric model. In SketchUp you can trace edges in the image using the line Tool, various arc Tools, and the Bezier spline extension (which you will need to install from the Extension Warehouse) to create geometry that matches the image. Then you will need to somehow determine the depth that the model should have at each location in your new geometric model. That requires either side views or similar drawings or else measurements of the insignia. Not an easy task for a complete beginner!


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