Need help converting a 2D image to 3D


Ok, I have a very simple, 2d image, In .PSD format that I need to make 3D. I can size it to the height and width that I need, but It wont let me pull it to any thickness. What am I doing wrong?


It’s a flat geometry, so it has no real thickness to scale. It’s like trying to scale a line to give it thickness. If you want your image to have thickness, import it as a texture onto a face, then you can push/pull it to give it thickness.


SU is a vector-based application. It uses lines, arcs, and curves to define objects.

PhotoShop is a bitmap editor. It uses dark and light pixels to generate images. Although lines, arcs, and curves may appear to be depicted, all there are is a bunch of dumb pixels.

If you want to turn your image into a 3D object, you must trace the lines, arcs, and curves by one means or another; otherwise, it will just remain a flat picture. In turn, those vectors may be developed into an object. To call the process a “conversion” isn’t really accurate.

You appear not to be reading the manual but simply winging it. That makes for a long, shallow learning curve.



Check out YouTube for several tutorials on how to turn a 2D plan into a 3D model.