Modeling question

Hello, I am somewhat new to sketchup and was wondering if there was a way to add a 2d image to a face of a object that will stretch when you scale the piece larger or smaller.
I build screen enclosures for a living and use sketchup to do layouts for different projects. I have modeled the parts 100% accurate but I have issues when I want to cut say a 45degree angle on these parts. I can’t just draw a 45degree line and cut it. I have to draw the cut on each radius of the spline grove an it makes it really time consuming. What I would like to do is create a 2”x2” square tube and just make a 2d image with 2 lines on each end about 1/8-1/4” in from the edge. This way the groves aren’t actually modeled and I can cut any degree in the piece quickly. I have attached a image of what the part actually looks like for reference. Hopefully I explained this properly and someone can help guide me. It would be greatly appreciated

It would be simpler to learn how to cut a shape at an angle.
You can intersect a plane with the shape and remove the excess, you can use solid tools to chop it with a few clicks, or even several extensions that would slice through it.

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Any recommendations on videos to watch or extensions to look into?

Ideally I’d like to be able to just draw a line from one corner down the face on whatever degree an then use push/pull and remove the material. I have been modeling these pieces as solid square tubes instead of hollow like they really are which is why I thought just adding a 2d image to a face would be a lot simpler. We are modeling what we need and then sending it to Layout for shop drawings

Well, this is the basic manual method.


My personal favorite would be to use Zoro.
It adds a context menu Item, slice model at section. Just off screen in the vid.

Note, if the section plane is contained within a group or component it will only cut within that context. If your framework is properly constructed from components it should be very quick. Even if all groups, you can do a single cut across multiple groups by grouping the groups.


Thank you for your help @Box i will look into this extension and see if it will help us. Very much appreciated