How to put a FACE on this ... see: Upload

eM_SU-face.skp (104.0 KB)

Draw line:edge.

You will have to intersect the holes with the new face to be able to delete the hole faces this way.
Another attempt with the use of TIGs AddFaces plugin (here used via shortcut) …

Thank you for responding!
My first issue; How to obtain a FACE, of the entire shape. [to enable
P/P]. I’ll then deal with smll-cutouts.

See: Answer 1st reply.

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And for those times when simply overdrawing an edge (which is by far the quickest and easiest way) might cause unwanted side-effects…like creating unwanted internal faces, which then have to be deleted…you can use this…

Two many edges <= .1" scale up by factor at least x2;
Quasi over lap at slopped edge on left top left corner remove
Use on face inference when place of circles.