How to prepare a new file to model small objects

I’m modeling small objects the size of an iPhone, about 3 inches by 5 inches. When I open a new file and create my first rectangle, it is hundreds of inches on each side. When I type 3", 5" into the measurements box and enter, the rectangle becomes so small it disappears. When I zoom in to try make the rectangle visible, I can’t find it.

Is there a way to configure a new file so when it opens it is automatically scaled to deal with iPhone-sized objects?

Draw a rectangle the size you want.
Zoom extents.
Set up any model-units, text/dims details, axes, style [colors, line-types etc] that you want… also consider adding some layers and materials you might commonly use.
Make a scene-tab to remember everything.
Now use the File menu Save as Temple - give it a recognizable name.
Then set it as your template and open a new file.
It will start off using all of the previously save set up…

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Thanks, TIG. Saved me hours!