How to place the pattern on the curve

I want to apply the pattern to the curve like in the photo. Please help.

mescidi nebevi.skp (2.4 MB)

This can be accomplished by extending the design so that it pierces the dome, then intersecting the two together, which will put the outline of the design onto the dome. Solid tools could also be used here. If you wanted to then make the pattern have relief you could employ Joint Push Pull extension to extrude the pattern up from the dome shape.

However, the first problem is to fix your pattern which has many stray edges and missing surfaces. You need to have a complete 2D outline of the pattern you want without breaks in the edges. I think you could manage that here with a little clean up time spent on your existing pattern.

This is a clean 2D version of the pattern. I did this by first running Eneroth Flatten to Plane, then manually erasing a few stray lines and dividing lines. Now if you push/pull the surface the resulting body is a solid and will work with solid tools.

mescidi nebev flat.skp (1.1 MB)

Perhaps “Flowify” ?