I need help with copying a certain pattern onto a curved face and also curving a curved corner

I know the title is confusing , let me explain in depth.
I am a student and I am doing my GCSE product design coursework, from the start I had to design a product and laser it out and put it together.
After I have finished this I need to make a 1:1 scale model on sketchup , including every single detail (kerfing and castellations). With my kerfing design it would take lots of time to copy each individual kerf onto the face of my design.
I have exported the kerf design as a DXF from 2D design and imported it into sketchup.
Here is my kerfing design:

I need to get that onto the front of my model.
Here is my model:

I also need to curve every side and corner of my model. I know how to do this but since my model already has curves on it, I dont know how to curve a curve if that makes sense.
I need to do something like this on every side:

However this happens:

Here is a picture from further away, same angle:

The problem summarised is that I dont know how to:

  1. Get my kerfing pattern onto the front face of my model
  2. Curve my edges.
  1. Import the kerfing pattern as texture to a face in front of the curved surface. Right click and select Texture then Projected. Sample the texture using the eyedropper and paint surface.

  2. Fredo6 Round Corner plugin.

Thank you so much, can I just import the .skp file and export it a png or jpeg and them from that import the pattern as a texture or can I just do it straight away from the .skp file?

Are you really working with the Web-based SketchUp Free? Printing 1:1 from that will be difficult.

Do you need the kerfing design as a texture on the surface? Or do you need to actually cut the slot?

Uploading the SKP file would make it easier to give you assistance.

My school provides me with a sketchup pro version at school, just to test things out I was using sketchup free. The slots also need to be cut out.
Here is my skp file (limited to one as new user , I have labeled everything acordingly)
Final Model.skp (947.7 KB)

I did the back vent as an example using Shape Bender. This is something that would require SketchUp Make or SketchUp Pro. It won’t work in SketchUp Free. After tracing an outer edge with the Line tool to create a face, I selected all the geometry and ran Intersect Faces. Then the openings could be created. Next I used Shape Bender to create the curved copy to match the back of the enclosure.

The one for the front needs a lot of work before it’ll be ready for Shape Bender. I don’t have that time to invest right now so I didn’t do that one.

Okay wow, this helps a lot thank you, I’ll try experiement with the front maybe get something working.

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