Adding faces to arcs

Really have no idea what to do on here but need help adding faces to my make-shift curves.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what you have going on. At the stage you’ve got the model you could use the Line tool to connect vertices between curves to get faces. Very likely there’s a different way to do it but without seeing the model, it’s hard to say. Could you upload the SKP file?

I sure can, thanks for having a lookChair.skp (127.5 KB)

With native tools, drawing in Lines as I mentioned before would do it. There are some extensions that would make quicker work of it. Fredo’s Curviloft would be my first choice. But I wonder if you really should rethink the shape. It would be difficult to manufacture what you show in real life and it would look rather awkward even if you do. What material would you make it out of?

I don’t think this is really right but it’s a better curve than you’d get with the curves you drew. I used the Classic Bezier curve tool from Fredo’s Bezier Spline extension to outline the curves and Curviloft to create the surfaces.

Maybe something more along these lines?

Screenshot - 10_7_2017 , 5_16_09 AM


Wow. They look amazing. Thats the exact design I was going for. I was thinking about manufacturing it out of flexiply.

The examples I saw only could bend in one direction. The arm/backrest would perhaps be impossible in its current form.

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If the core was built up correctly out of smaller pieces, it would be possible. Tedious, but possible. It would probably need to be veneered if not painted. Veneering to make it look right would be a challenge, too.

If made from one piece of plywood it would have to be a large L-shape (rather wasteful). I think that there is a kind of thermally formable plywood that might be able to make it.


I did do a little research and the larger chair still itself is completely do-able but the problem is, like you said, the backrest/arm. You can only bend plywood with the grain, but with thinner pieces, it is possible to bend it against very slightly. I think a some bent plywood experiments are in order. I was trying to keep the design inspired by the flow of nature.

It would be possible to see a picture about the path with the curve was made by @Dave? I did some tries but I think I’m not drawing the path correctly (sorry for such a mess post, I had to go out and now I’m on my mobile)

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Thank you so much.

And you got that curve from Fredi Curviloft?

No. As I wrote before, I made those curves with the Classic Bezier Curve tool in Fredo’s Bezier Spline Tools extension. I used Curviloft to create the surfaces between the curves.

Ok I’ll have a go on that. Thanks

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