How to overlay an image over 3D Terrain?


I Very recently started using SketchUp to use for one of the first stages in recreating a real road for a racing simulator. I’ve successfully been able to use the built in geo grabber feature for a small area of terrain, then replaced the google earth image with my own sat image I got elsewhere by just replacing the image that is made when exporting to a .3ds file for a higher resolution image of my own.

So, now that I have gotten comfortable with that, I’m wanting to do a larger area of terrain but as the stock geo grabber tool only allows me to do a quite small area, this becomes a bit complicated. I have been able to get past the issue of not being able to grab the terrain data of a larger area using an extension called Skelion, but my issue is that the Skelion plugin for grabbing a large area of terrain data does not retrieve an image. That doesn’t worry me too much as I would always be using my own Sat image anyway. So after that explanation, I’m wanting to know how I can overlay my image over that 3D terrain. To me it seemed like a pretty straight forward process but for some reason I just can’t seem to figure it out.

I hope I was able to make sense to an experienced SketchUp user that could explain the process to me. I own the pro version but I was unsure if this question belonged in Pro section of the forums or not so to be safe I just posted here. Let me know if I should move it over there.


Lonnopo :smile:

Here is one link that might be useful for you.

A projected google maps or earth image would be ideal.

Just create a flat surface above and project the texture.

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Thanks so much! Exactly what I was looking for, not too sure why I didn’t come across that in my searches. It’s a shame the ‘Get Current View’ isn’t a feature anymore as it doesn’t look like it limits how much terrain you can import like it does in the most recent version.

Thanks again though!

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no problem. glad you found your solution!

Yeah, some features are superseded, but I guess you are savvy enough to see what is different.
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Two words from your topic title would have been enough…

Okay, thanks Chief…