How to move holes and keep surface plane empty

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First time posting here. I couldn’t find my answer looking in other hole questions.

I am trying to move peg holes inside a cabinet, but every way I’ve tried to move them and replicate, the plane of the side of the cabinet remains, covering the hole I’m trying to duplicate. Is there a way to move a hole, then use the #x feature where the surface plane stays gone over the hole?

Are you moving the hole or copying it? Share your .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve modeled.

Unfortunately sketchup has never been good at moving 3d holes like you want, you always need to remove the faces.
But it does move holes on single faces well, so pushpull after.
GIF 3-04-2024 12-52-44 PM

Having said that, There is a plugin that helps with this. Fixit 101 removes the faces for you.
GIF 3-04-2024 12-58-35 PM

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I think you nailed it here! This has been the problem and with 214 holes per side, this helps not have to click my mouse 642 times!

I’m going to give this a try and report back. Thanks in advance!

You might want to consider using a png texture with transparent holes. That many circles can quickly render your model unworkable.

I believe there are extensions that will do this. Profile Builder or the Flex Tools Wall Cutter could be used. They will even put a hole through multiple groups or components making alignment of things like dowel pins easy in an assembly.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Array of holes.skp (368.9 KB)