Hole through plate shows "hollow insides"

Some how, some of my holes through this plate show the hollow inside of the plate (light blue) and other do not (gray).

How do I fix this ? (Make them all like the holes on the left).

How did you make those holes to begin with?

At this point you can erase them on one side. This will repair the skin. On the other side, trace a single edge segment on each hole and then use Push/Pull to push the holes through.

Yeah… what @DaveR said… But with moving pictures!

FWIW, if you plan your modeling properly, you can save time when punching a bunch of holes in plate. Draw the 2D face for the plate, draw a circle for a hole and delete its face. Then copy the hole around the plate as needed. This will leave you with a holey face that can then be extruded in one go with Push/Pull. I did a video showing that method a couple of years ago.

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Thanks for the tip !

I found other “defects” in my part, so I am going to start over. I can always use the practice !!