Moving elements efficiently in plane

Please see the video I made describing my problem

No need for copy/paste. Use move tool and press option key to copy/move. Arrow keys lock axis, up arrow locks blue axis, left and right are green and red.

Thanks EF, just did it and it worked like a charm!

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new old problem…

What happens if you draw over one of the moved lines?

I don’t know how you are moving it. Where you start the move and end it.
I would move these things by selecting, then choosing move tool, then moving by snapping the corner of the faces they are to go on–snap the original face corner, then the corner of the face you want them on --(since the spacing is identical). Then you have the exact relationship to face.

Why wouldn’t you duplicate the holes AND the faces they sit on since the whole setup is identical? If it’s identical I would consider copying a component, not individual objects.

You could have some inaccuracy working against you.

Thanks guys, I wasn’t selecting all the planes, just the face plane. I triple clicked before moving and now all is good…