How to move group radially, not laterally?



I’m a somewhat experienced Maker user, new to Pro & solid models. Current project is a version of a 3-jaw chuck, which requires moving three parts in and out from a central point, as opposed to shifting them all “side to side”. During my experimentation with solid models, this behavior occurred once, but I cannot reproduce whatever steps created it.

To clarify - I want to be able to have all identical components move towards or away from a point, when one is moved. I’m confident this is possible because I saw it happen - but can’t be sure if it was a group, or multiple occurrences of an object. I have not even begun attempting dynamic objects, so the (desired) behavior I saw was intrinsic, nothing complex.


I think you can achieve that with components. See if this is helpful.



Thanks, Shep:

Your sample drawing is encouraging - it will take some experimenting to see if I can make it work mine. But simply knowing that it’s possible is a great confirmation.

Ken Towl


The movable component has to be nested with another component for it to work, as shown in Sheps example.


Aha - the 1/3 chuck with jaw is the component, not the jaw itself. Brilliant! I think I can make this work. Much appreciated.

Ken Towl


You bet, come back if you get stuck.



For better understanding make component axes visible.
In menu Window > Model Info > Components > check Component Axes.


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