Setting unique axes on seperate dynamic components

I’m not sure how to explain this concisely but…
I have 25 radial objects(comprising 4 arms) arranged every 15 degrees around a circle. Each object is oriented tangentially to the circle. I want to animate each of the radial object so that they rotate into the centre of the circle (i.e. on their unique y-axis). I tried doing this using the ANIMATECUSTOM command On-Click. It works for the first object, but subsequent components rotate in the same plan as the first component despite changing the axes direction for each component separately. Is it possible to do this in Sketchup Pro?


Please share the file with what you got sofar? And additional notes of what should be done by onclick if the model isn’t clear enough.

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Here is a simplified model showing the general layout. I’ve set up the red disk so it rotates on the Y-axis when clicked. I’d like to do the same for all of the remaining disks. I’ve tried saving each disk as a component and changed the axes for each individual disk so that the red axis lines up with the guideline radiating out from the centre of the circle to the centre of the disk. However, when I apply the same onclick commands as the red disk, the subsequent disk rotate in the same plane as the red disk.I really appreciate your help thanksTest.skp (166.2 KB)

Does each disk component need to be a dynamic component on its own?
Or do they all have to rotate simultaneously, irrespective of which one is clicked on?

See if this helps:Test DC-disk.skp (190.1 KB)
I copied the original component 15 degrees
Then I wrapped this component in a group and aligned the group’s axes with the circle’s center and with the components’s axes inside.
Thjen I copy/rotated the group 15 degrees 22 times.
The original rotates separately.
All the other groups have the component inside rotate according to the group’s axes.
The first two groups however I made unique (*), so they also rotate on their own.

(*) to make the groups unique I opened them for editing and cloced them again. You could do so with the other 21 to make them unique too.

Hi Wo3Dan,

Thanks that is looking good.

This is a model for a fairly complex kinetic wind sculpture so ideally I would like to be able to click on it and have all of the disks (which are actually 4-armed) move together. Each of the arms will be slightly offset to the other arms as shown in the attached image

Hi Wo3Dan,

I only have SU Version 14. Would it be possible to save the model in a compatible format please?


Here you go:
Test DC-disk.skp (190.1 KB)
Let me know if it works for you.

Hi Wo3Dan,

That works really well thanks but I’m not entirely sure that I follow exactly how you achieved it (I’m a bit of a novice with Sketchup).


And here is an edited version.
The wrap now is a component itself instead of a group.
Groups in this case have the disadvantage that you can’t edit them one by one without breaking the spell of having them rotate all simultaneously with one “onclick”, the way you seem to desire.

Now you can rotate each “wrap” component about its own green axis to have the idea of a wave going arounsd by one “onclick”. You’ll still have to do this rotation manually for each wrap.Test DC-disk.skp (128.5 KB)

Thanks so much for you kind assistance with this. I’m continually blown away at the generosity of people