How To Model Turn Down Edge

I have been trying unsuccessfully to model this caster. I am hung up on the turn down edge. Is this possible? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 5.43.33 PM

Fredo Round corner should be able to handle that task. You may have to use the Dave Method due to small size limitations. see this POST for a demo.

That actual shape is quite difficult to replicate with sketchup, not impossible but quite complex because of the way metal will deform as it is bent.
I can’t think of a sketchup tool that will clamp the corners while you bend the middle.
Do you want to model that or simply make a bent bracket. This is a very simple one, you can add as much detail as you want before you bend it, but the more there is the more that can break.
Basic Bend


Box, thanks for the GIF, it answered several questions. I get your point about the deformation issue. I am just trying to bend the bracket, nothing more complicated.

At the end of the GIF, you make the edge in the bend, disappear. How did you do that?

That was just soften.